Skill Set: Fashion Posing for Women (3 of 4) Fashion Skills in Action

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In the last two parts of this series, I shared my one rule of fashion posing along with my systems for being creative in your shoot.

So let’s see those points in action using a shoot I did as a crowd demo while instructing at Texas School. This entire photo shoot was under 5 minutes according to the metadata, and these all look good because of my normal pre-flight systems check that I teach, making my lighting, exposure, and color balance perfect in camera. So what you are seeing are un-retouched, un-corrected and un-cropped.

No matter the time, the goal is always quality not quantity. In this case, even in a short period of time and while teaching, I ended up with about 35 total images.


Let’s zoom in and look at a few in the first “idea set.”

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